Day Zero: Deciding What to Learn

I’ve been working through Imaar Spaanjaars’ book ASP.NET 4.5.1 in C# and VB.NET slowly for a few moths now.    Several web development concepts have been introduced and it’s exciting how easy grasping basic jQuery has appeared to be.  jQuery is a JavaScript framework that enables you to use pre-built simple methods to execute JavaScript on your site.  While jQuery is great for quickly creating animations and JavaScript based methods without actually having to learn JavaScript,  it is obvious from reading around online that in order to become a web developer, knowledge of JavaScript is a must-have.

After reading Aziz Ali’s blog suggesting that a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript was enough to land a job it was clear that this was something I needed to knuckle down and learn.

My first concern as it often is when deciding what and why to learn something is: “How long will it take?”

Although it seems like it shouldn’t be one of the main reasons to do or not do something, with all the technologies and acronyms that you are hit with when trying to learn anything CS  related I can’t help wondering how many hours I’m going to have to pour into something before realising that I would’ve been better doing something else.

Anyway a trusty Quora search on this topic suggested that a timescale of weeks to months could be enough to gain proficiency.  I certainly hope so.

My aim is to use this blog as a journal of my progress from basics onwards and hopefully in time to some degree of proficiency.  This is as much for myself as for anybody else but if this provides motivation for others in a similar situation then that would be great.

Right, time to get started…………..

Day Zero: Deciding What to Learn

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